Part VI: Leadership Plan

      Section I: The Dream 

As a graduating senior, I just want to be involved with different organizations. I don’t think I want to be president of any clubs or organizations. It’s a lot of commitment and responsibility. I was president of some clubs in highschool and I think that it’s more fun being a participant than it is to be in charge. To me, being president or a executive of an organization is great but it doesn’t mean that much. I’ve said before that I’m a servant leader. I want to look back on my senior thinking that I’ve done the best I can and I made a difference to someone. 

Next year, I will be the service coordinator for Creighton Center for Service and Justice, a Welcome Week leader and the volunteer coordinator for the Young Democratics. All of these positions have similar aspect in which they all deal with service. But they are different enough for me to be having different experiences with all of them. I think that with such different organization will help open my eyes to the different opportunities and the different perspectives. 

I want to be a leader on and off campus. I will be involved with organizations at Creighton but I also want to be involved with organizations in Omaha. In next few years, I want to continue going to a service site each week and hopefully be a mentor to an someone at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club or Kid’s Can. I just want to be involved with as much as I can. Honestly, it doesn’t matter which groups I am part of or if I have a “position”, I just want to know that I was involved at Creighton in some way. I think that my leadership involvement at Creighton should just be me helping others in any way I can. Whether that be leading service or just having an admitted student. I can see myself as just a Creighton student who is involved and just happy to be there.

      Section II: The Approach  

Obviously networking is super important in being in those leadership position. Knowing the right people will help get involved with an endless amount of opportunities. I think that I will just have to keep putting myself out there and apply for things. Even though I might not get the certain position, I should just keep trying. I think that I want to be have some higher up position with CCSJ just, because I really want to help out with what they believe in. I want to be able to make a difference in the community. They have so many different events that teachs others about such unique things occuring in the community. In order to be a better leader, I think that I must try all different types of leaderships in different areas. Different organizations requires different skills needed, if I do different things than I will be able to be a well rounded leader. I also that learning new things outside your comfort zone will let you grow more. It’s easy to do the same thing over and over but going outside the limits will allow me to branch out. I do believe that over time things will work out for the best. 

Using resources such as the Career Center and teachers are some ways to get ideas on different organizatins or events to do. For an example, I mention to my photography teacher what I did for summer and he got me to apply for the Fall Adventure Retreat. I don’t know if I would have heard it about if it wasn’t for him. Just making conversations with people, you never know what can come from them. 

      Section III: The Connection 

My plan is to keep applying to things and to try new things. I think that this ties in with my ‘dream’ by allowing me to put myself out there. I want to be able to involved as much as I can and I think that my ‘approach’ will allow me to get there. By being involved with CCSJ and FLP will let me meet new people and let me be outside my comfort zone. This will let me grow as a leader. This will help me learn the skills to help and communicate with others well. 

My RSP Academic Plan is to take the classes I need to take for Pre-Vet while also taking art classes, because if I should minor in something it might as well be fun. My leadership theory is geared towards doing being involved inside and outside of Creighton. It doesn’t really deal with my academic plan other than I will probably more geared towards my major at certain events. 

My mission statement influences my leadership plan by allowing me to be who I am while doing what I love. I am in the organizations I am because they are things I want to do. I can’t do what I want to do without being who I am. It all ties together where it’s all on my way of doing things. My leadership style is based on my fearlessness and my motivation to change lives. 

© Ayet Nguyen 2016