Part V: Mission Statement

My original mission statement from beginning of the year was to find motivation to change lives, be fearless, and have courage. I choose this because it represented everything I want to be in a leader, someone who take risks and does whatever they believe to be a good leader. In highschool, I had different leadership positions in multiple clubs. When I graduated I didn’t feel like I left in impact on anyone. I decided that when I went to Creighton, touch at least 1 person’s life. I also went on a trip to Costa Rica and being in a foreign country showed me that I was someone who wasn’t afraid of a lot. Lastly, I am introverted person so I felt like adding ‘have courage’ part would push me to talk to more people. 

At this moment in my life, I agree with most of my mission statement. I still believe that it is important to find the motivation to change lives. To have a drive inside to push you towards helping people is always a great thing to have. Being fearless will always be something that I will always strive for. I want to not have regrets with any of my actions and to be able to do something and fully hearted believe that it was the right decision. 

I would change the have courage part of the mission statement though. I think it goes hand in hand with being fearless. I would add ‘ask for help’ on the my mission statement. I think that people no matter what age or situation should ask for him. I’m so stubborn at times where I don’t want to let my pride down at times and I lose in that situation. I think asking for help should be a sign of courage, it shows that you are willing to let your guard down. 

I think my new mission statement shows who I am and who I want to be. Someone who wants to help others, take risks, and is willing to put themselves out there. 

This is my mission statement for 2015 is: Find motivation to change lives, be fearless, and ask for help. 

© Ayet Nguyen 2016