Part II: Leadership Reflection

      Section I: The Experience

My friends would have to be the greatest thing Creighton has ever given me. They are the greatest support and the best people I could have ever asked for. Without them, my college experience would have been completely different. I wouldn’t who I am without them. They’ve shown me so much, like there’s always a food option at all times of the night, laughing to the point of pain, don’t judge, and anything is possible. We have been through so much and I can’t wait til what’s to come! One of my favorite memories was Thursday night and there were few people in my room doing homework slash hanging out and someone did something funny or made a joke that got us all laughing. I remember looking over at all of us an realizing what a great life this is to be surrounding with such fantastic people.

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Going to service each week was amazing. It's so great to see kids strive to be more. The kids really look forward for when the Creighton kids come and play. They also look up to us. We are their role models and that is a huge job. Showing them that kindness and respect matters and seeing them understand what it means to be a leader. One of my favorite parts is when the girls are eager to ask questions or have comments on the topics that we have each week. They understand that hard work goes a long way. One week, there was a girl was crying about how the other girls didn't let her join the dance team for a talent show that was coming up. I had to talk to her about how girls can be mean but you have to stand up for yourself. We ended up getting an adult involved and got a compromise for another dance team where all girls can join. This happened right after the retreat so it was a good exercise/practice of what to do when someone starts crying. I've learned to be there for someone and to listen. It’s fun to do crafts with pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. They have so much creativity and so much energy. I will never forget when I was sick one week and didn’t go to service, the following week the kids attack hugged me and told me that I wasn’t allowed to be sick ever again.

Christmas time at K9 was so special to me. I personally love Christmas so much. I love the snow (even though there wasn’t that much snow this year), the friendliness of people, and the lights. K9 had a tree and we all decorated it together with personalized ornaments. It was festive on the floor. I also went ice skating for the first time with my FLP family and my group of friends. It was so much fun with the Christmas music and the lights. Also, Christmas as Creighton is so amazing. Creigthon with Christmas lights are is beautiful. I could not have picked a prettier college to go to! 

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      Section II: The Seminars and Leadership Theories

I did a whole project on Heroic Leadership and it was so interesting to learn about. A heroic leader is an individual who leads with absolute integrity, raises individuals performance to a personal best, and builds a team spirit of sacrifice for the common good. They do whatever it takes for the people even when there are risks. This made me think of Mr. Kuhlman’s 60 minute video of polio healing cancer. The patients and the doctors showed heroic leadership. They were taking such big risks of life for something that may or may not save lives. It also taught me that failures are okay. They are stepping stones to help to get to sucess. Things don’t always come easy, but hard work makes it all pay off. 

Father Lannon gave great advice about Followership. Followership is not just about following the leader. It is putting your trust in someone and having them help you to a common goal. It’s working together to achieve something together. Father Lannon talked about having strong influences in our lifes and being the spark to the world is an important things. As a university we all must work together to make it Creighton the best it can be. One person can make a difference but together as individuals we can achieve something ever greater. 

I think all the seminars as a whole taught me a lot about ethical leadership. It taught me to dress appropriately for events, be one time, and to be respectful to speakers. Having the right ethics will allow you to check on your actions whether they are for the better. I have been to all of the seminar. I can say that without a doubt in my mind. Even when I have abunch of homework and things going on, I know that I should go to seminar. I know that I will learn more there than I could skipping. Being responsible with my time and effort is a skill I need to keep for the rest of my life.

Dr. Dornsife taught me what it means to have integrity leadership. “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. He taught that if you stick with you believe in and what you love, it will all work out. Stick to your morals. If you just believe in yourself, then things will fall in place.

Visionary and transformational leadership. The Borsheims company taught me that when you have a goal in mind, you will get there no matter how long it takes. They did a great job with changing out all their diamonds with non-blood diamonds. It takes a lot of guts, time, and money to do something like that. 

Servant Leadership theory is the one I want to live by. It is everything I want to be in a leader. Someone who will help others by working beside them. 

A good quote to sum up what I think servant leadership is:

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another” John Maxwell. 

I think MJ’s seminar about titleless leadership showed a lot of what kind of leader I want to be. Someone who is willing to lead not because they have to but because they want to. You don’t need a to be on exec team of an organization to be involved with it. Power is something that is blinds people. When you do something, make sure it means something. It doesn’t matter who you are. 

“When you inspire other people your leadership reaches unmeasurable distances, like ripples across a lake” Alex Hardy

      Section III: The Future 

My experience in the Freshman Leadership Program has taught so much about different leadership styles. I want use my knowledge of leadership to be the best leader I can be. I know how that everyone has a different leadership style and that there is on right one. I will be more open minded about others. Being in this program has taught me so much. This has been an amazing year. I want to have my FLP experience to reflect on who I am and who I will be. I know I will look back my freshman year and say things have changed but the same time they haven’t. 

My original mission statement discussed about finding motivation to change lives. I think that FLP has really helped me see what that means and what it can do. All of us have the potential to do something. We just have to continuing working hard to get to our goals and dreams.

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