Part I: FLP Portfolio

Welcome to my lovely Freshman Leadership Portfolio! Here you will see my reflection of FLP in this past year and what I’ve learned as a leader. 

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I didn’t know anything about Creighton’s Jesuit values when I decided to go to Creighton. Now a year later, the values have taught me what it means to be a Creighon student and a Creighton leader.

      Self-Awareness (Unity of Mind and Heart)

I knew the from the first moment I visited Creighton that this was the school I wanted to go to. I felt the Creighton spirit and knew this was the place I wanted to call home. I’ve always been a confident person where I was sure of who I was and where I wanted to go. Going to college changed that. I have became a different better person and my outlook in life changed. I began to see the world as a place with endless possibilites but only if you worked hard. At Creighton, you learn that reflection is important; whether it be a reflection on your day or your life. It allows you to think about your actions and your goals. This makes you think about what you can do to improve and what you're doing right. 

Knowing who you are is so important to leadership. You must know who you are before you can go help others. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses are crucial. Everyone, obviously, is different and have their own strengths and weaknesses. It was nice to be living on K9. I was surrounded with people with all types of strengths and weakness. We learn off of each other and help when one’s strength is another’s weakness. Even as though it seems like a big group, the 60 of us allowed each other to grow to become greater.

      Working with Others (Men and Women For and With Others)

It is important to work well with others. People will consistantly be in our lives. Learning to live with 59 different people has been a treat. Learning to deal with so many unique people has allowed me to be more open-minded. Everyone has a backstory that you don’t know about. Together as a floor we work together to keep the floor a happy social place, where we are open to all types of discussions. We all have a gift to share and whether or not we realize it we are constantly rubbing off on each other. 

We must work together to change the world. I know that sounds idealistic, but the change we do don’t have to be enormous. Small steps is fine. We can do anything as long as we try. 

      Professionalism (A.M.D.G) Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Ad Mjorem Dei Gloriam means For the Greater Glory of God. This means letting your actions show who you are. Don’t waste time doing things that don’t matter, do things that make an impact. Let your actions reflect who you and what you stand for. It could be anything from opening a door for someone or making conversation besides small talk. Don’t waste time on chasing things that are pointless like fame or money. 

I think that greatest characteristic a person can have is being authentic. When you say something, mean it. Don’t say things you don’t mean for someone else’s benefit. Every action you should take has to be real. It should be based on your own values and beliefs. Do things because you want to not because you have to. 

      Personal Skills (Cura personalis)

Anyone can care, but finding someone who cares and means it is special. Cura personalis is care for the individual person. Meaning respecting all people and animals whether they deserve it or not. Everyone deserves to be treated authentically. Where love and kindess can been seen from simple gestures to large ones. 

It is important to care for other people. That seems like something everyone knows, but it’s not something that people necessarily do. In today’s world it is easy to care about the people know and love, our friends and family. But what about that random stranger you saw at the grocery store or the homeless guy asking for money. We must learn to each other, imperfection and all. 

      Planning (Magis)

I never thought that the word ‘Magis’ would have such an impact in my life. It just translates to mean ‘more’ but it has so much meaning behind it. More means to strive for excellence, to keeping going, and to never settle. Creighton isn’t just a college, it’s more than that. It’s your home away from home. It’s the place where you meet the friends you’ll have for the rest of your life. It’s where you’ll grow to be an adult and to be a better version of yourself. Magis has taught me that the world has so much more to offer.

      Action (Agent for Change)

We are all sent out to be agents for change. We are suppose to light the world on fire as role models and friends. As agents for change we are suppose to teach behaviors that reflect critical thought and action on moral and ethical issues. I think that Creighton has really challenged me to reflection on my thoughts and ideas. There has been many different times where I stop and think about what I did that day and why I did what I did. Our actions should help better the world. Doesn’t matter how small the action is. 

© Ayet Nguyen 2016