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Exec Portfolio

My favorite part about being an executive is the growth. It’s not just freshman that grow, but the execs too. You guys grow with college experiences and FLP experiences, but we grow right along with it. I feel like I  have grown to be a better person because of you guys. I have never seen so much creative and passion in a group of people. This year, I learned how inspiring each and every one of you are. Your hope and love for FLP and the Omaha community is something I will always treasure and I hope to be as passionate and loving as you guys.

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Being friends while being someone of authority to the program was incredibly difficult. I wanted be friends and be a person that FLPers wanted to hang out with, not someone who gets people in trouble. Finding that balance of friend and leader was tough. I had to step back and recognize that my role for the program is to help out with service not be friends with everyone. I am there first to be a leader and guide. Once I found the balance, I found it was easier to be acquiences  that does not to force conversations with the group and slowly move to friendship. 

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Taking a break from FLP has difficult. It was strange coming back to a program I love so much. At first, it was difficult not knowing any of the mentors or understanding how the last class was different than my class. I had to take time to get familiar with the group and adjust to the new FLP class. I didn’t know what it was like be a mentor and I didn’t know how the mentors would react to a new comer for service. Overall, I think it went well. I could have gotten to know some of the mentors better but I feel like we have a good relationship dealing with service and FLP. I did know most of the exec team since they were part of my class. It was strange and fun to be part of the group again. Our leadership styles blended and conflicted but we worked everything out as a team. 

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It’s hard not to compare this year with my year in FLP. There was different seminar speakers,  different opportunites, and just different people. Like I said, this FLP class is phenomenal and I could not have imagined a better class for this exec team :) 


We all know I’m a servent leader. I like doing more hands on work then delgating. I rather help clean up and organize things then make decisions about things. I like to challenge ideas and to encourage others not to limit the options. Joey likes to say I can be the glue that holds the team together. I make sure we stay on task and bring organized chaos. I try to be me. My leadership style is who I am as a person and who I want to be. 

This year, I learned that even though I am still trying to find myself, there will always be people who will support and encourage me wholeheartly. I’ve struggled with what I want to do with my life and who I am vs who I want to be. Even with all this reflection, I go to seminar and I see how full of hope you guys are. It might be the fact that you’re freshman and the world hasn’t hit you yet or it could be that you guys just see the best in FLP and in me. 

I am incredible thankful that I’m your service exec and I don’t know where I would be without you all. 

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This is my mission statement for 2015 is: Find motivation to change lives, be fearless, and ask for help. While I still struggle upholding this mission statement, I would add take time for myself and to reflect on what’s important. I get so caught up in everyday life that I forget to check on myself and how I am doing along with seeing what’s important. I’ve learned that it’s important to take care of myself before I can take care of others. I have definitely gotten better with asking for help and letting my pride down since freshman year. It was incredible difficult but it was something that has pushed me for the better. 

Thank you FLP. For everything.

Part I: FLP Portfolio

Welcome to my lovely Freshman Leadership Portfolio! Here you will see my reflection of FLP in this past year and what I’ve learned as a leader. 

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I didn’t know anything about Creighton’s Jesuit values when I decided to go to Creighton. Now a year later, the values have taught me what it means to be a Creighon student and a Creighton leader.

      Self-Awareness (Unity of Mind and Heart)

I knew the from the first moment I visited Creighton that this was the school I wanted to go to. I felt the Creighton spirit and knew this was the place I wanted to call home. I’ve always been a confident person where I was sure of who I was and where I wanted to go. Going to college changed that. I have became a different better person and my outlook in life changed. I began to see the world as a place with endless possibilites but only if you worked hard. At Creighton, you learn that reflection is important; whether it be a reflection on your day or your life. It allows you to think about your actions and your goals. This makes you think about what you can do to improve and what you're doing right. 

Knowing who you are is so important to leadership. You must know who you are before you can go help others. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses are crucial. Everyone, obviously, is different and have their own strengths and weaknesses. It was nice to be living on K9. I was surrounded with people with all types of strengths and weakness. We learn off of each other and help when one’s strength is another’s weakness. Even as though it seems like a big group, the 60 of us allowed each other to grow to become greater.

      Working with Others (Men and Women For and With Others)

It is important to work well with others. People will consistantly be in our lives. Learning to live with 59 different people has been a treat. Learning to deal with so many unique people has allowed me to be more open-minded. Everyone has a backstory that you don’t know about. Together as a floor we work together to keep the floor a happy social place, where we are open to all types of discussions. We all have a gift to share and whether or not we realize it we are constantly rubbing off on each other. 

We must work together to change the world. I know that sounds idealistic, but the change we do don’t have to be enormous. Small steps is fine. We can do anything as long as we try. 

      Professionalism (A.M.D.G) Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Ad Mjorem Dei Gloriam means For the Greater Glory of God. This means letting your actions show who you are. Don’t waste time doing things that don’t matter, do things that make an impact. Let your actions reflect who you and what you stand for. It could be anything from opening a door for someone or making conversation besides small talk. Don’t waste time on chasing things that are pointless like fame or money. 

I think that greatest characteristic a person can have is being authentic. When you say something, mean it. Don’t say things you don’t mean for someone else’s benefit. Every action you should take has to be real. It should be based on your own values and beliefs. Do things because you want to not because you have to. 

      Personal Skills (Cura personalis)

Anyone can care, but finding someone who cares and means it is special. Cura personalis is care for the individual person. Meaning respecting all people and animals whether they deserve it or not. Everyone deserves to be treated authentically. Where love and kindess can been seen from simple gestures to large ones. 

It is important to care for other people. That seems like something everyone knows, but it’s not something that people necessarily do. In today’s world it is easy to care about the people know and love, our friends and family. But what about that random stranger you saw at the grocery store or the homeless guy asking for money. We must learn to each other, imperfection and all. 

      Planning (Magis)

I never thought that the word ‘Magis’ would have such an impact in my life. It just translates to mean ‘more’ but it has so much meaning behind it. More means to strive for excellence, to keeping going, and to never settle. Creighton isn’t just a college, it’s more than that. It’s your home away from home. It’s the place where you meet the friends you’ll have for the rest of your life. It’s where you’ll grow to be an adult and to be a better version of yourself. Magis has taught me that the world has so much more to offer.

      Action (Agent for Change)

We are all sent out to be agents for change. We are suppose to light the world on fire as role models and friends. As agents for change we are suppose to teach behaviors that reflect critical thought and action on moral and ethical issues. I think that Creighton has really challenged me to reflection on my thoughts and ideas. There has been many different times where I stop and think about what I did that day and why I did what I did. Our actions should help better the world. Doesn’t matter how small the action is. 

Part II: Leadership Reflection

      Section I: The Experience

My friends would have to be the greatest thing Creighton has ever given me. They are the greatest support and the best people I could have ever asked for. Without them, my college experience would have been completely different. I wouldn’t who I am without them. They’ve shown me so much, like there’s always a food option at all times of the night, laughing to the point of pain, don’t judge, and anything is possible. We have been through so much and I can’t wait til what’s to come! One of my favorite memories was Thursday night and there were few people in my room doing homework slash hanging out and someone did something funny or made a joke that got us all laughing. I remember looking over at all of us an realizing what a great life this is to be surrounding with such fantastic people.

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Going to service each week was amazing. It's so great to see kids strive to be more. The kids really look forward for when the Creighton kids come and play. They also look up to us. We are their role models and that is a huge job. Showing them that kindness and respect matters and seeing them understand what it means to be a leader. One of my favorite parts is when the girls are eager to ask questions or have comments on the topics that we have each week. They understand that hard work goes a long way. One week, there was a girl was crying about how the other girls didn't let her join the dance team for a talent show that was coming up. I had to talk to her about how girls can be mean but you have to stand up for yourself. We ended up getting an adult involved and got a compromise for another dance team where all girls can join. This happened right after the retreat so it was a good exercise/practice of what to do when someone starts crying. I've learned to be there for someone and to listen. It’s fun to do crafts with pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. They have so much creativity and so much energy. I will never forget when I was sick one week and didn’t go to service, the following week the kids attack hugged me and told me that I wasn’t allowed to be sick ever again.

Christmas time at K9 was so special to me. I personally love Christmas so much. I love the snow (even though there wasn’t that much snow this year), the friendliness of people, and the lights. K9 had a tree and we all decorated it together with personalized ornaments. It was festive on the floor. I also went ice skating for the first time with my FLP family and my group of friends. It was so much fun with the Christmas music and the lights. Also, Christmas as Creighton is so amazing. Creigthon with Christmas lights are is beautiful. I could not have picked a prettier college to go to! 

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      Section II: The Seminars and Leadership Theories

I did a whole project on Heroic Leadership and it was so interesting to learn about. A heroic leader is an individual who leads with absolute integrity, raises individuals performance to a personal best, and builds a team spirit of sacrifice for the common good. They do whatever it takes for the people even when there are risks. This made me think of Mr. Kuhlman’s 60 minute video of polio healing cancer. The patients and the doctors showed heroic leadership. They were taking such big risks of life for something that may or may not save lives. It also taught me that failures are okay. They are stepping stones to help to get to sucess. Things don’t always come easy, but hard work makes it all pay off. 

Father Lannon gave great advice about Followership. Followership is not just about following the leader. It is putting your trust in someone and having them help you to a common goal. It’s working together to achieve something together. Father Lannon talked about having strong influences in our lifes and being the spark to the world is an important things. As a university we all must work together to make it Creighton the best it can be. One person can make a difference but together as individuals we can achieve something ever greater. 

I think all the seminars as a whole taught me a lot about ethical leadership. It taught me to dress appropriately for events, be one time, and to be respectful to speakers. Having the right ethics will allow you to check on your actions whether they are for the better. I have been to all of the seminar. I can say that without a doubt in my mind. Even when I have abunch of homework and things going on, I know that I should go to seminar. I know that I will learn more there than I could skipping. Being responsible with my time and effort is a skill I need to keep for the rest of my life.

Dr. Dornsife taught me what it means to have integrity leadership. “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. He taught that if you stick with you believe in and what you love, it will all work out. Stick to your morals. If you just believe in yourself, then things will fall in place.

Visionary and transformational leadership. The Borsheims company taught me that when you have a goal in mind, you will get there no matter how long it takes. They did a great job with changing out all their diamonds with non-blood diamonds. It takes a lot of guts, time, and money to do something like that. 

Servant Leadership theory is the one I want to live by. It is everything I want to be in a leader. Someone who will help others by working beside them. 

A good quote to sum up what I think servant leadership is:

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another” John Maxwell. 

I think MJ’s seminar about titleless leadership showed a lot of what kind of leader I want to be. Someone who is willing to lead not because they have to but because they want to. You don’t need a to be on exec team of an organization to be involved with it. Power is something that is blinds people. When you do something, make sure it means something. It doesn’t matter who you are. 

“When you inspire other people your leadership reaches unmeasurable distances, like ripples across a lake” Alex Hardy

      Section III: The Future 

My experience in the Freshman Leadership Program has taught so much about different leadership styles. I want use my knowledge of leadership to be the best leader I can be. I know how that everyone has a different leadership style and that there is on right one. I will be more open minded about others. Being in this program has taught me so much. This has been an amazing year. I want to have my FLP experience to reflect on who I am and who I will be. I know I will look back my freshman year and say things have changed but the same time they haven’t. 

My original mission statement discussed about finding motivation to change lives. I think that FLP has really helped me see what that means and what it can do. All of us have the potential to do something. We just have to continuing working hard to get to our goals and dreams.

Part III: English 150 Reflection

For my English 150 class, we have written a paper on leadership language analysis and a leadership theory group project. 

For the leadership artifact analysis paper, we had to pick a video or a picture of a leader showing leadership and explain in detail what they did in the artifact to show their leadership skills. I choose a video of Robert Kennedy giving a speech to a crowd of people announcing the death of Martin Luther King Jr. The paper was challenging because it analyzing what characteristics a leader can do to show their leadership. The rough draft of the paper was torn apart from my teacher. It did make my paper better though. It caused me to re-think about how I wanted to approach the anaylsis with my writing. The introduction was this: Some of the best works of art have been in the moment, whether it is a photograph that had been snap at a random time or a blob of paint added to a painting at the last second. On the night of April 4, 1968, Robert Kennedy gave an improvised speech that would forever be known as one of the greatest speeches in history. Kennedy’s timing, expression of emotion, and word choice allows the audience to grasp onto the concept together we can work to have love and compassion rather than hate. The audience was a mixture of white and black Americans of rural Indianapolis who wanted to hear Kennedy give a campaign speech instead they heard the announcement of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. Although, Kennedy was advised not to go on stage that night due to the unsafety of the environment; he went on and spoke about what he believed America should hear. I ended up getting a 100% on my paper so yay! 

The next assignment was a group project explaining a specific leadership theory and making a experiment showing the theory in action. It was so great to have a group project where all the members worked evenly. My group had Heroic Leadership. It was fun to research such a interesting leadership theory. Heroic Leadership isn’t just about being a superhero, but more of making a sacrifice for others. Our experiment went really well too. It was having a ‘hero’ in a group of people doing Mastering Biology online homework together. The ‘hero’ would sacrifice themselves for the group. We would then ask the group questions that was on mastering biology afterwards and learned that they depended on the hero so much that they didn’t learn anything. The hero helped them so much that they were relying on the hero to the point that they couldn’t do anything themselves. This project wasn’t challenging content wise. It was easy to research, conduct an experiment, and present all of the information. The hard part was People who fight for human rights or govern countries are common examples of heroic leaders. They possess the essential qualities required to perform this leadership method. However, leaders do not necessarily need to have authority or power to be heroic. Because people often strive to become heroes based on authority, the concept of heroic leadership is often criticized. True heroic leadership is when an individual “leads with absolute integrity while raising individual performance to a personal best and building a team spirit of sacrifice for the common good”. My group ended up getting 150/150! All of our hard world paided off!

Part IV: Service and Social Justice Reflection

            Section I: Service Reflection

I’ve talked about my service experience in another part of this portfolio. Service is so important to FLP. To us it’s not just a chore or something that we dread to do but do anyways. It was a way for us to reach out and to connect with other people. When you’re surrounded by college students and teachers all the time, it’s nice to have a break and play with kids. They’re so cheerful and lively. I look forward to service each week. I think that it’s a great experience to learn about the community and to learn about others. Diversity was something that I wasn’t expecting out of the service sites. I didn’t realize how different kids could interact with one other because of how they looked. I have never volunteered a lower class comunity before. It was nice to see kids so happy to be running around and playing. They all seem to know where they want to go in life and they want to get there. 

IMG 1297

            Section II: Service vs. Social Justice 

Since working with the Creighton Center for Service and Justice, I’ve learned about so much about different social justice issues that need to be discuessed. Things like minimum wage raises, Earth Week, pipeline, and mission work are important to the world. I believe that it is possible for one person to make a difference. It only takes one action to do something amazing. It seems funny that a single college in the Omaha, Nebraska can make a difference on the world but it can. 

Doing service can be part of social justice but doing social justice isn’t exactly service. Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Social workers aim to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need. Social justice is geared towards a equal opportunity for all. Service is a person willing to choose to help others. I could go on a long rant about what I believe for this topic, I just want my point to be that we should all be more aware of the service and social justice opportunites out there. There are so many ways we can help but we don’t hear about or don’t realize how we can help. 

Part V: Mission Statement

My original mission statement from beginning of the year was to find motivation to change lives, be fearless, and have courage. I choose this because it represented everything I want to be in a leader, someone who take risks and does whatever they believe to be a good leader. In highschool, I had different leadership positions in multiple clubs. When I graduated I didn’t feel like I left in impact on anyone. I decided that when I went to Creighton, touch at least 1 person’s life. I also went on a trip to Costa Rica and being in a foreign country showed me that I was someone who wasn’t afraid of a lot. Lastly, I am introverted person so I felt like adding ‘have courage’ part would push me to talk to more people. 

At this moment in my life, I agree with most of my mission statement. I still believe that it is important to find the motivation to change lives. To have a drive inside to push you towards helping people is always a great thing to have. Being fearless will always be something that I will always strive for. I want to not have regrets with any of my actions and to be able to do something and fully hearted believe that it was the right decision. 

I would change the have courage part of the mission statement though. I think it goes hand in hand with being fearless. I would add ‘ask for help’ on the my mission statement. I think that people no matter what age or situation should ask for him. I’m so stubborn at times where I don’t want to let my pride down at times and I lose in that situation. I think asking for help should be a sign of courage, it shows that you are willing to let your guard down. 

I think my new mission statement shows who I am and who I want to be. Someone who wants to help others, take risks, and is willing to put themselves out there. 

This is my mission statement for 2015 is: Find motivation to change lives, be fearless, and ask for help. 

Part VI: Leadership Plan

      Section I: The Dream 

As a graduating senior, I just want to be involved with different organizations. I don’t think I want to be president of any clubs or organizations. It’s a lot of commitment and responsibility. I was president of some clubs in highschool and I think that it’s more fun being a participant than it is to be in charge. To me, being president or a executive of an organization is great but it doesn’t mean that much. I’ve said before that I’m a servant leader. I want to look back on my senior thinking that I’ve done the best I can and I made a difference to someone. 

Next year, I will be the service coordinator for Creighton Center for Service and Justice, a Welcome Week leader and the volunteer coordinator for the Young Democratics. All of these positions have similar aspect in which they all deal with service. But they are different enough for me to be having different experiences with all of them. I think that with such different organization will help open my eyes to the different opportunities and the different perspectives. 

I want to be a leader on and off campus. I will be involved with organizations at Creighton but I also want to be involved with organizations in Omaha. In next few years, I want to continue going to a service site each week and hopefully be a mentor to an someone at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club or Kid’s Can. I just want to be involved with as much as I can. Honestly, it doesn’t matter which groups I am part of or if I have a “position”, I just want to know that I was involved at Creighton in some way. I think that my leadership involvement at Creighton should just be me helping others in any way I can. Whether that be leading service or just having an admitted student. I can see myself as just a Creighton student who is involved and just happy to be there.

      Section II: The Approach  

Obviously networking is super important in being in those leadership position. Knowing the right people will help get involved with an endless amount of opportunities. I think that I will just have to keep putting myself out there and apply for things. Even though I might not get the certain position, I should just keep trying. I think that I want to be have some higher up position with CCSJ just, because I really want to help out with what they believe in. I want to be able to make a difference in the community. They have so many different events that teachs others about such unique things occuring in the community. In order to be a better leader, I think that I must try all different types of leaderships in different areas. Different organizations requires different skills needed, if I do different things than I will be able to be a well rounded leader. I also that learning new things outside your comfort zone will let you grow more. It’s easy to do the same thing over and over but going outside the limits will allow me to branch out. I do believe that over time things will work out for the best. 

Using resources such as the Career Center and teachers are some ways to get ideas on different organizatins or events to do. For an example, I mention to my photography teacher what I did for summer and he got me to apply for the Fall Adventure Retreat. I don’t know if I would have heard it about if it wasn’t for him. Just making conversations with people, you never know what can come from them. 

      Section III: The Connection 

My plan is to keep applying to things and to try new things. I think that this ties in with my ‘dream’ by allowing me to put myself out there. I want to be able to involved as much as I can and I think that my ‘approach’ will allow me to get there. By being involved with CCSJ and FLP will let me meet new people and let me be outside my comfort zone. This will let me grow as a leader. This will help me learn the skills to help and communicate with others well. 

My RSP Academic Plan is to take the classes I need to take for Pre-Vet while also taking art classes, because if I should minor in something it might as well be fun. My leadership theory is geared towards doing being involved inside and outside of Creighton. It doesn’t really deal with my academic plan other than I will probably more geared towards my major at certain events. 

My mission statement influences my leadership plan by allowing me to be who I am while doing what I love. I am in the organizations I am because they are things I want to do. I can’t do what I want to do without being who I am. It all ties together where it’s all on my way of doing things. My leadership style is based on my fearlessness and my motivation to change lives. 

© Ayet Nguyen 2016