Yellowstone 2014 Day 7 - East Yellowstone

Beautiful day in Yellowstone today! It was sunny with a slight chance of rain. 

Started off with the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone! 

Uncle Tom’s Trail was soooo cool! Got a great view of the waterfall from the bottom of the trail. But it was 328 steps down, and like 2000 steps up. Okay, maybe the same 328 steps, but it was a painnnn because going uphill and thin mountain air hurts. Also my face after the hike. 

Yellowstone Lake is beautifulllll. Mountains and a lake? I’m so moving here. 

Thanks Brian for taking a wrong turn to Norris Geyer and having us do a “short” walk around the geysers. I mean, “0.6 miles isn’t too bad, let’s take this dirt path”, but it was the wrong turn and we walked way more than needed. What great sense of direction you have! That wasn’t appricated after the crazy workout of Grand Canyon. But I do admit the springs and geyers are neat there. 

Today’s animals were mainly elk, bison, and ravens. Super disappointed we didn’t see a moose. 

The best part of the day was seeing cutthroat trout attempting to jump over the rapids. These fish are huge, they are about a foot long and strong! There was a crowd of them near the edge of the river and they were trying to jump over the rapid to get upstream to spawn. You always see the videos of fish jumping upstream but seeing it in real life is amazing. These fish are crazy strong to be jumping rapids which I wouldn’t even think about being in. The rapids of Yellowstone are intense!

Tonight is going to be the last night in this amazing state of Montanna, which means no more Huckleberry Ice cream. I had to take a picture of this perfectly made ice cream and my American flag scarf, it’ll be the 4th tomorrow! 

Look at that perfection. 

On another note, I spent quite a bit of time with my head out the window while we were driving through Yellowstone. It was peaceful, seeing the trees and having the wind in my hair. Mountain air is so fresh! Life’s short, enjoy the little moments! You never know if a supervolcano is going to erupt, or a geyer you’re next to is going to explode, or a bear is going to come out of no where and maul you, things happen, deal with it and move on. ENJOY IT. 

And find your sense of adventure! :)

© Ayet Nguyen 2016