Yellowstone 2014 Day 6 - North Yellowstone

Pretty just drove around North Yellowstone today. 

Started off with Gibbon Falls, pretty neat waterfall. I could totally rafted down it and lived (maybe a little broken from the rocks, but I would totally live).

Lunch at Mammoth Springs, it was a delicious burger that was healthy for you too! ANDDDDDDD HUCKLEBERRY ICECREAM! That stuff is magical. 

You know what else is magical? Cotton flying in the air. It looks kind of like snow! But it’s warm outside! The cotton pieces are gracefully floating in the air! 

Next up, Roosevelt Arch!! I was soooo excited to see this!!! It says “For the benefit and enjoyment of the People”. It’s soooo amazing that see it in person!

After the arch, we drove by a river nearby. So I jumped it. It was cold but it was refreshing!

Next up, a petrified tree that’s caged. No other words need. 

Tower Fall! I would not make that jump though. At least I know my boundries. 

You wanna know about all the animals we saw today, right? Welllll here it is!

Huge buck elk on the side of the road:

(Not so big) Big Horn Sheep on the side of the mountain:

Mule Deer:

Bison (they are NOT buffalo, do not call them buffalo):

Last but not least, BLACK BEAR.

He was seriously just chilling on the side of the road, minding his own business. There was at least 20 cars looking at him. What a cutie. I know, Brian; I should be bear aware. I am fully aware he can eat me. But still cute. Black bears are cool. 

I’ll see you BEARY soon with my next adventure in Yellowstone. 

© Ayet Nguyen 2016