Yellowstone 2014 Day 5 - Zip lining and White Water Rafting

                                    It’s official. I’m really not afraid of anything.

Started off the day zip lining! Patrick and Joey were our guides this part of the day! We had a small group of 6 people, but it was so fun!

This course of zip lining was 6 lines with various bridges held by steel cable. It looks scary, but once you’re in the air it’s amazing! There’s nothing like going 40 miles per hour 50 feet in the air!

I even did a trust fall down a zip, where I turn my back to the line and just fall. That rush of ‘what’s going to happen’ is scary, but there isn’t anything like it! For some of the lines, it’s possible to pull yourself to the tree (trees/poles hold the cables up so high in the air) and push off with your head away from where you’re gong in order to get speed down the cable. It was trust fall to the extreme. AND IT WAS AWESOME. 

There’s seriously nothing like the view of being 60 feet in the air and looking at Sheep Rock. It’s like flying! Nothing to be afraid of up here!

Patrick is seriously the greatest guide ever (there’s a picture of him on the left hanging upside down on the zip). Once you reach the end of the zip, you must stop somehow. Patrick literally catches us at the end. He also told ‘corny’ jokes and just made the experience great. He even did a fake ‘oh no I didn’t catch you, so you’re gonna have to go backwards on this zip’; he did it so I could get a better view of the river. Then he had to pulled himself towads the middle of the calbe and pull me back to the platform. What a great guy. 

After the 2 hours of amazing zip lining, we had to get lunch before the white-water rafting. There was this little restaurant on Motanna Whitewaters that sold bison burgers. So of course, Brian had me try one. It was pretty good! Tasted sorta like beef but with different texture ish. 

Where do I even begin with White Water Rafting? We were on the lower basin of Gallatin River, which means there was 3 and 4+ class rapids. Maybe because Brian and I have experience with rafting (he has more experience than me) but we felt the rafting part was kinda boring. Sorry, I just don’t think class 3 rapids are crazy. I mean I still got wet and kicked out in the raft but it wasn’t ‘I’M GONNA FALL THIS IS SO GREAT THIS RIVER IS SO STRONG AND AWESOME’. Oh well. 

No one fell out of the raft and we did some gnarly surfing on the waves. But it was weak. I really don’t fear anything. Oops. But to the 2 people behind me who thought that this was the greatest first rafting trip ever, props to you for doing decent job paddling today. 

The view was worth it though. The mountains and the wildlife around the river is amazing. We even saw a BALD EAGLE fly from one side of the river to the other. Nothing more American than that! I totally recommend rafting down the Gallatin if you want to see a gorgeous river in Montana. 

All the pictures turned out well though. I have no idea what’s the plan for tomorrow, probably more exploring Yellowstone and hopefully seeing some bears/wolves/mooses! Until then!

© Ayet Nguyen 2016