Yellowstone 2014 Day 4 - Jackson, WY and South Yellowstone

Howdy there! It has been a long crazy day! 

Before I start talking about what I did today, I wanted to talk about seeing the Wyoming night sky last night! Drove out to a dark area to get a better view if sky without the city lights being distracted. Even though it was 10:30 at night there was still some light over the hills and you can see the silhouette of the hills with a light blue over them. It was beautiful. There was so many stars out and the sky was just filled with them. It’s nice to get away from the city lights for awhile!

I sadly do not know how to take a picture of the night sky, this is what turned out when I tried:

I got a little impatient with the shutter. But this picture looks pretty cool!

Moving on to today, it began with a drive to Jackson and it is just the cutest town ever! The little shops gave the town such a cozy feeling and it just a lovely atmosphere to be in! I got a lot of gifts for my friends and family there. 

There was a little cafe with ice cream sort of hidden in the shop area. They had huckleberry ice cream, and of course I tried it. IT WAS SO GOOD. I’m now obsessed with huckleberries!!! (Props to anyone who gets the “I’m your huckleberry” line)

Jackson was more of a tourist place but I still loved it. There was so much to see and so many people there! I meet a guy who’s family went to Creighton and a lady who spoke Hungarian. Where in the world can you find people that like? Jackson, Wyoming that’s where. Maybe I’ll end up moving in the future, who knows?

Next stop, YELLOWSTONE!!! But while on the way, Brian and I stopped at Jenny lake and saw some beautiful mountains with the clearest lake ever! 

Then it was time to see OLD FAITHFUL. Geysers are amazing. You have to see them to see how cool they are! 

Brian and I then hiked around the area and saw so many springs and geysers! Here’s a few pictures of them! We hiked about 6 miles to see some of them, so enjoy!

When you’re out here in the middle of nature, you’re bound to find some wildlife! We saw a baby grizzly bear (didn’t get a picture because it was quick), a herd of pronghorns, abunch of birds, ground squirrels, a mouse, some bison, a coyote, and a big grizzly bear (also no picture because of cars were blocking the way).

That was most of the day!! Tomorrow will be ziplining and water rafting! I’ll update you then! 

© Ayet Nguyen 2016