Yellowstone 2014 Day 2 - Scuba Diving with Sea Turtles (and Sharks)

Beautiful day in Colorado today! It was a perfect day to go to the aquarium! We had lunch in the Aquarium Resturant and it was delicious! I had Bayou Shrimp Pasta and it was soooo good! But then again, I love all pasta!

Next, it was time to go diving! The Downtown Denver Aquarium has this great diving with sharks program! Brian and I met a guy named Rafal who was our guide for this dive trip! Rafal is seriously the coolest guy ever. He made jokes and just made the whole dive fun! He promised me that he didn’t know what he was doing and that I would for sure see a sea turtle! He actually does this for a living so he knows what he’s doing, no worries. 

After getting all geared up, we dived down and waved at the people looking into the shark aquarium. They enjoyed waving at divers in the same water as 20+ sharks. 

There are Sand Tiger Sharks, Sandbar Sharks, Saw Nosed Sharks, and Bamboo Sharks in the water! They are all unique in their own way. They also don’t bite unless you give them finger foods, aka your fingers (I didn’t make the joke Rafal did, gotta give him the credit). 

I’m not personally afraid of sharks, I just don’t think they are that scary. It was awestruck to see these shark swim around in the water and to see their faces up close and personal! After spending some time seeing the sharks and collecting shark teeth from the bottom of the aquarium, a sea turtle swims right into Rafal’s head. This turtle spend the next 15-20 minutes swimming up to us and checking us out. This turtle would just keep swimming up and looking at us even though Rafal was trying to keep the turtle at a distance. 

Later, Rafal said that since my googles are yellow, the turtle may have thought there was lettuce on my face. But I enjoyed having a sea turtle come up and play! There was a point where I was looking at the sharks and turtle just runs into my legs. He really likes me! I love sea turtles too much. I even bought a stuffed seaturtle, so I can remember my adventures here. I named the turtle Crush, because like the turtle in the aquarium, he outgoing and totally gnarly. 

Now we are off to Yellowstone! There’s a picture of me already sleep with Crush on the way there. Look at these pretty open roads! I shall update you guys tomorrow at Jackson Hole!

© Ayet Nguyen 2016