October 10th - In Living Color: Andy Warhol

It’s okay to go to a museum by yourself. People will give you weird looks. They will question what you’re doing. You may be the youngest person there. BUT you get to take as much time as you need to look at a piece of art! There is nothing like walking around and enjoying the surrounding. To just immerse yourself in the culture of a museum. 

Today was the member’s opening to In Living Color: Andy Warhol & Cometmporary Printmaking. I went by myself because I wanted to (and my roommate was busy). I got there in time for the curator to give a lecture. She talked about what artists she choose for the exhibit and how she wanted the set up for the prints to be. It was so interesting to learn about the behind the scenes of getting an art exhibit.

Art is fascinating to me. Seeing so much color, passion, freedom, and expression in Warhol and other artists pieces is amazing. I understand that it seems like Warhol’s artwork is simple and sometimes looks like a 5 year old did it. He started something new with his pieces. He made everyday things stand out and have life. He also planned out the details in his art. Almost all of the details are intentional. I could never be able to do what he did, even the simple pieces. One of my favorite Warhol pieces is the Sunset collection. Where he used one sunset and made 160 different color combinations with it. It’s like magic and beauty all in one. I even got a mini poster of a Sunset for my room!

If you have time check out the exhibit at the Joslyn Art Museum! In Living Color is open til January! 

                                                                    “I like boring things” - Andy Warhol

I bought a Van Gogh book. NO SHAME. I can now look at Starry Night Over the Rhone as much as my heart desires. 

After Josyln, I went to dinner and Target with Libby and Emma. We had a blast at Foodruckers! These girls are amazing. Inside and out. And just amazing everywhere. 

                                                               THE MILKSHAKE WAS SO GOOOOOOD


That was pretty much my day! I hope all is well and life is good for you. Til next time! :)

© Ayet Nguyen 2016