May 28th - Surfing

We started the first day in Hawaii with surfing lessons. 

We found a lizard on our balcony early in the morning. We named him Fred. 

IMG 2887IMG 2884

We first started the day with breakfast from Denny’s. Yes, that Denny’s. 

IMG 2895

I had mixed feelings about surfing for the first time. I was nervous about not doing well but that the same time I was excited because I know it will be lots of fun to do.

"What’s the temperature of the water?” “I don’t know, what’s the temperature of the air? It’s about the same”

IMG 2899

Surfing is somewhat tricky. It was hard for me at first, I couldn’t find a good time to stand up but by the end of it I got the hang of it. It’s pretty awesome to feel the water and feel when you can ride out a wave. 


Annie obviously loved it. She’s probably going to quit school and be a professional surfer. 

Mike and Ben were amazing instructors. It’s amazing how cool Hawaiians are. 

On the way out of the water, WE SAW A SEA TURTLE! He was just hanging near the rocks.

IMG 2903

Hawaii is so beautiful. 

IMG 2909IMG 2919

LOOK IT’S THE DRONE TURTLE. Just kidding it’s just a turtle with a tracker. It was cool to see how that all works.

I love the beach. 

IMG 2937 IMG 2941

It was a fantastic first day of Hawaii!


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Until next time!

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