May 27th -  Traveling to Hawaii

We’ve been planning this Hawaii trip since January. It was unreal to be actually going. 

Got up 7:30 am to get ready to get on the flight.

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The first flight was from Omaha to Minnesota. It was a quick flight of 2 hours. It wasn’t bad, I think since it was so eary we were all excited to be going on the trip.  The Minnesota airport had a digital vending machine. So high tech. 

IMG 2844IMG 2846

From Minnesota, we flew to Seattle. It was about 3 hours. There were screens on the seats where we could pick what movie we wanted to watch. I watched Moulin Rouge (I MISS MY FRIENDS) and We Bought A Zoo (LOVE THIS MOVIE). 

You know you’re from the Midwest when you start freaking out about the train on at an airport. It was cool to travel to one area of the airport to another. 

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We made it to Hawaii about 8:45pm Hawaiian time. It was a long flight over the ocean.

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After like an hour wait for a rental car, we made it back to the hotel around 11 Hawaiian time. It was an exhausting day of traveling but we made it all safe!


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