March 12th - Spring Break Kayaking

"Ayet, why would you get a kayak? You live in Nebraska. Where are you going to go with it?”


I knew since Christmas that I was going to get myself a kayak in 2015. 

Well last Friday before I can back home for spring break, I got my kayak.

I named him Kevin. He’s a beauty. 

This spring break has be unbelievably nice in Nebraska. It’s been like 60 degrees and sunny everyday!

Today, we took Kevin out to play!

It was such a gorgeous day with the calmness of the great blue sky, the chirping seagulls, and the rocking waves made for a perfect day for kayaking.

There’s nothing like sitting in the middle of a lake with the sun shining. It’s so calm and relaxing. 

I love being outside and just enjoying the beauty of nature. 

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to be in a kayak in a lake in Nebraska in 70 degree weather. But I shall try, the water is shivering cold but the atmosphere of the lake is warm. There were kids playing and dogs running around with geese and ducks hanging out. I don’t think I could ever express what it’s like sitting in the kayak with the waves crashing against, there’s just a sense of peace. 

Paddling against the wind sucks at times, but once you figure out a good stride then it goes by easily. And hey, playing Beatles music while paddling is so much fun!

I highly recommend everyone to get a kayak. It’s worth it!

© Ayet Nguyen 2016