Last Day of Yellowstone 2014

Since it’s been a crazy past few days, I’m gonna put everything that happened on July 4th and 5th in one giant post. 

4th of July was pretty much on giant road trip fro Wyoming to South Dakota. Wyoming is very hilly with plateaus so I slept through some of that.. Also got to see some Australians in an Arby’s in Wyoming. That was interesting. 

Oh and I waited til we were leaving Yellowstone to take a picture with the sign!

We made a stop at Devil’s Tower, crazy how nature is. 

After arriving in South Dakota, Brian and I found a random country club and saw some fireworks there! Sky is literally blown up with fireworks and they are HUGE compare to Nebraskan ones. It’s cause the sky is still bigger in SD. The mountain view of it was great too!

July 5th was exploring some parts of South Dakota. I really wanted to see the Crazy Horse Memorial and it was AMAZING! I’ve only heard about the Memorial, but didn’t know much about it. I just knew that it was unfinished.

The history behind this enormous mountain carving is unreal. The first picture is the mountain at the moment, and the second picture is the 1/34th scale model of what it’s going to look like completely finished. I don’t want to explain the entire history of this fascinating place. One good quote to sum it up is, “My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to know that the red man has great heroes, also.” Henry Standing Bear, 1939.

Check out for more history:

I did finally get the dreamcatcher necklace I always wanted, always nice to make a donation to the Crazy Horse Memorial. I hope to see the carving complete in my lifetime, if not I’ll still be able to see the progess at least. 

Brian and I had lunch at the Laughing Waters Resturant, oh my. Delicious! 

Brian had the Tatnka Stew:

And I had the Native American Taco (it’s like a taco salad but on fry bread) SO GOOD

We are definitely coming up to see Crazy Horse and eat at the restaurant in the future!!

Next up, my favorite place in South Dakota! Custer State Park!!

Saw a baby deer, aka fawn:

We came prepared this year and brought carrots for the donkeys!!!!

I love driving around in nature. It’s calming and relaxing.

After that began the long drive back to Nebraska! Quite a view. 

It’s scary when you’re driving through Nebraska on a foggy night and the person sitting next to you starts talking about Children of the Corn. NOT APPRECIATED. 

But we made it home safe! That concluded the Yellowstone trip of 2014. I’m sad that it’s over but it was so nice to be back home! I missed Gracie! 

Until my next adventure, pura vida!

© Ayet Nguyen 2016