July 25th - Winnebago Pow-Wow

This weekend is the 148th Annual Homecoming Celebration of the Winnebago Tribe. The celebration commemorates the return of Chief Little Priest. The powwow features traditional music, dancing, and food. The Winnebago’s veteran’s Pow-Wow is the oldest continuous powwow in Indian country today. Source: from the magazine with info from the powwow

A powwow means dancing! And there was tons of it! All ages from 6 to 59, there was people dancing with feathers and beads! It was colorful! They danced to the traditional drum beat with singing. Those guys can hit some really high notes! 

This post is gonna be short, because words can not express how much culture I saw today. Enjoy the pictures!


Also, FRY BREAD IS THE GREATEST THING EVER! Such good food there! 

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