December 31st - A Recap of 2014

My roommate made a blog post recapping her year. I’m pretty much copying her. Check out her blog:

Dear 2014,

You’ve been great. Here’s a summary of what has happened!

In January, it finally hit me that I was graduating when I saw one of my senior pictures framed.

February swung around and I went to a Buddy Holly tribute concert. I fell in love in 50s music. 

With March I had Jambalaya for the first time in honor of Mardi Gras. 

Then I received my acceptance letter to Creighton’s Freshman Leadership Program. That made my week. 

I also got qualified for HOSA’s Nationals. 

I went to Wichita with Annie and Trang. We went to our favorite cafe and got gelato. And of course saw our favorite Kansans. 

April came around and I FINALLY SAW CAPTAIN AMERICA 2. I  discovered my favorite Italian resturant that day tpp. Vincenzo’s. 

May was filled with excitement.

I said goodbye to some amazing 4th graders. 

Prom with Josh. 

Then before I knew it, I graduated high school!

June came up and I turned 18!

Then I spend a week on the road with Brian. BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE. 

I started my blog that week, check out my adventure here starting with Day 1:

But here are some of my favorite pictures of the trip. 

I was told that I was fearless that trip. I hope to continue being fearless. 

Then my huckleberry obsession started. 

I spent the 4th of July in South Dakota. And yeah, it was beautiful.

Finally back in the my favorite state, NEBRASKA. 

I saw Paul McCartney in concert then that night Brian and I stuck this on my mom’s car. 

She didn’t find it till like a month later.

I went to my first Pow Wow. It was beautiful.

August means 2 things: Phuc Vu and school. I was so excited for both!

Phuc Vu. Sweet Sixteen. 


You’re welcome Duc. You’re in my blog now. 

Then I moved to college. Creighton is amazing. 

Dorm life wasn’t bad at all. 

I gained a family.

And a beautiful roommate. 

September meant I was living with people that make me happy (even though we never smile).

My sister went to homecoming and I took pictures. 

October was crazy. 

I got to see Matt and Kim live!

Libby and Jose. What baes. 

Awesome floor mates. 

November came by and I’m loving Omaha.


December was beautiful. Mainly because Christmas was coming and I’m obsess.

I went home for Christmas for winter break. 

My best friend is awesome. 

It was an amazing year with special thanks to amazing friends and family!

See you in 2015!

Ayet Nguyen


December - Christmas at Creighton

It’s my favorite time of the year!!!!!!!!!

My dorm room is now a winter wonderland. 

Christmas pictures with my favorite people. 

Family picture with Santa. (and a random girl on the right that we don’t know who joined in our picture without asking)



December 18th - Ice Skating with Squad

I went ice skating with my favorite people. 

Picture with Libby! We totally rocked the crowns :)

Boys picture that I photobombed

Next year roomies :)

The whole group!


December 12th &13th - Bingo and Ice Skating

December 12th - Bingo Night. There was lots of prizes. 

AND I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won the Comfort package which means I got a giant teddy bear. 

I named him Bingo. 

I also got a thermal blanket and a microfiber pillow. 

Squad at 2am hanging out. I don’t know what I’d do without these guys. <3

December 14th - CREIGHTON BASKETBALL. LOVE. We lost at the end but it was still so much fun to go to!

Ice skating with the FLP Family!!! It was my first time ice skating and I had so much fun! It was a little shakey at the beginning but I fear nothing. It was nice to see family and friends just hang out for the holidays. The Christmas music and the lights made the whole place look magical! A total recommendation!

There was fireworks in Omaha last night! 


December 7th - FLP Family Day at the Zoo

We kidnapped Alex and took him to the zoo! Abby happened to be busy at the time but we caught up with her later. 

A scary phone call of “Hey can you meet me at Java Jay, I really need to talk to you. I’m freaked out right now. Come fast” made both Alex and Abby come running to us. It was really mean but we wanted to do something that they’ll remember forever. 

We got to see a lion training! It was really cool to see this lion gives high fives!

I love sea turtles. 


I named him T.J. 

Here’s a picture of the family a few days later at the FLP Christmas Party!


© Ayet Nguyen 2016