October 10th - Vance Joy & Taylor Swift 

If you know me at all, you know my love for Vance Joy and Taylor Swift. 

It took a little convincing, but thanks Brian for taking me to the concert!

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It was frustrating that the audience didn’t appreciate him cause people only cheered when he thanked Taylor Swift for having him on tour. Not okay. He is an amazing singer and performer.

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"Riptide" is a classic but “Georgia" is the best Vance Joy song. Period.

I love Taylor Swift. Her music is amazing and she is America’s sweetheart. But I don’t like the fact that she had half naked guys dancing on poles during the show. The 6 and 8 year old girls in front of me did not realize what was going on and had to ask their mom. Awkward. 

Taylor is a great performer and her show was amazing. I know she’s trying new things and finding herself but does it really required crop tops and high waisted shorts? But hey, her performance was phenomenal though and her music is always good!

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"Enchanted" melts my heart every time. The mashup of "Enchanted" and "Wildest Dream" OMG PERFECT.

It was still a good night! Brian enjoyed the show too (and that means a lot!). 

Don’t worry I still love Taylor!


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