July 25th - Winnebago Pow-Wow

This weekend is the 148th Annual Homecoming Celebration of the Winnebago Tribe. The celebration commemorates the return of Chief Little Priest. The powwow features traditional music, dancing, and food. The Winnebago’s veteran’s Pow-Wow is the oldest continuous powwow in Indian country today. Source: from the magazine with info from the powwow

A powwow means dancing! And there was tons of it! All ages from 6 to 59, there was people dancing with feathers and beads! It was colorful! They danced to the traditional drum beat with singing. Those guys can hit some really high notes! 

This post is gonna be short, because words can not express how much culture I saw today. Enjoy the pictures!


Also, FRY BREAD IS THE GREATEST THING EVER! Such good food there! 

July 14th - Paul McCartney


Brian is awesome and got Paul McCartney tickets for my birthday. 

If you know me, then you know how much I loveeeeee the Beatles! This post is going to be really random about the night, because it’s 1:30am and I’m still hyped from the show. 

Seeing Paul live was amazinggggggg. He’s British and a singer. What else is there? Nothing!

Also, got a shirt with the British flag and young Paul on it. WIN.

It’s sad to think that I could never see a Beatles concert. Seeing Paul made it a bit better. He started off the night with 8 days a week and, right then and there, I knew it would be a wonderful night! Paul is 72 years old and still rocking it! He can play bass, guitar, and piano incredibly! There was a great mixture of Beatles songs and Wings songs. 

Here’s the full setlist from tonight:

I only cried when Paul sang “Here Today” for John, wishing he could be ‘here today’. It was beautifully worded. 

I was pretty much excited the entire concert cause I had no idea which songs Paul would sing, Ob-la-di is so gooooood! Gotta be one of my favorite songs! McCartney’s new album NEW, isn’t too bad. I love Queenie Eye! O-U-T spells OUT! haha greatness. Also, ukulele version of “Something” for George Harrision. FEELINGS. 

“Let and Let Die” was a James Band theme song. There was flames. And fireworks. IT WAS INTENSE AND CRAZY AND AMAZING. Who else could have fireworks in the show? Only a legend!

Sir Paul McCartney ‘ended’ the show with Hey Jude, here’s a video:

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

Of course the night fully ended with, “and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”. 

Only my favorite quote ever from a Beatles song!

Last Day of Yellowstone 2014

Since it’s been a crazy past few days, I’m gonna put everything that happened on July 4th and 5th in one giant post. 

4th of July was pretty much on giant road trip fro Wyoming to South Dakota. Wyoming is very hilly with plateaus so I slept through some of that.. Also got to see some Australians in an Arby’s in Wyoming. That was interesting. 

Oh and I waited til we were leaving Yellowstone to take a picture with the sign!

We made a stop at Devil’s Tower, crazy how nature is. 

After arriving in South Dakota, Brian and I found a random country club and saw some fireworks there! Sky is literally blown up with fireworks and they are HUGE compare to Nebraskan ones. It’s cause the sky is still bigger in SD. The mountain view of it was great too!

July 5th was exploring some parts of South Dakota. I really wanted to see the Crazy Horse Memorial and it was AMAZING! I’ve only heard about the Memorial, but didn’t know much about it. I just knew that it was unfinished.

The history behind this enormous mountain carving is unreal. The first picture is the mountain at the moment, and the second picture is the 1/34th scale model of what it’s going to look like completely finished. I don’t want to explain the entire history of this fascinating place. One good quote to sum it up is, “My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to know that the red man has great heroes, also.” Henry Standing Bear, 1939.

Check out for more history:

I did finally get the dreamcatcher necklace I always wanted, always nice to make a donation to the Crazy Horse Memorial. I hope to see the carving complete in my lifetime, if not I’ll still be able to see the progess at least. 

Brian and I had lunch at the Laughing Waters Resturant, oh my. Delicious! 

Brian had the Tatnka Stew:

And I had the Native American Taco (it’s like a taco salad but on fry bread) SO GOOD

We are definitely coming up to see Crazy Horse and eat at the restaurant in the future!!

Next up, my favorite place in South Dakota! Custer State Park!!

Saw a baby deer, aka fawn:

We came prepared this year and brought carrots for the donkeys!!!!

I love driving around in nature. It’s calming and relaxing.

After that began the long drive back to Nebraska! Quite a view. 

It’s scary when you’re driving through Nebraska on a foggy night and the person sitting next to you starts talking about Children of the Corn. NOT APPRECIATED. 

But we made it home safe! That concluded the Yellowstone trip of 2014. I’m sad that it’s over but it was so nice to be back home! I missed Gracie! 

Until my next adventure, pura vida!

Yellowstone 2014 Day 8 - 4th of July

I’m gonna keep it short today. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

Sky’s still bigger here, so bigger fireworks. 

I miss Montana.

Yellowstone 2014 Day 7 - East Yellowstone

Beautiful day in Yellowstone today! It was sunny with a slight chance of rain. 

Started off with the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone! 

Uncle Tom’s Trail was soooo cool! Got a great view of the waterfall from the bottom of the trail. But it was 328 steps down, and like 2000 steps up. Okay, maybe the same 328 steps, but it was a painnnn because going uphill and thin mountain air hurts. Also my face after the hike. 

Yellowstone Lake is beautifulllll. Mountains and a lake? I’m so moving here. 

Thanks Brian for taking a wrong turn to Norris Geyer and having us do a “short” walk around the geysers. I mean, “0.6 miles isn’t too bad, let’s take this dirt path”, but it was the wrong turn and we walked way more than needed. What great sense of direction you have! That wasn’t appricated after the crazy workout of Grand Canyon. But I do admit the springs and geyers are neat there. 

Today’s animals were mainly elk, bison, and ravens. Super disappointed we didn’t see a moose. 

The best part of the day was seeing cutthroat trout attempting to jump over the rapids. These fish are huge, they are about a foot long and strong! There was a crowd of them near the edge of the river and they were trying to jump over the rapid to get upstream to spawn. You always see the videos of fish jumping upstream but seeing it in real life is amazing. These fish are crazy strong to be jumping rapids which I wouldn’t even think about being in. The rapids of Yellowstone are intense!

Tonight is going to be the last night in this amazing state of Montanna, which means no more Huckleberry Ice cream. I had to take a picture of this perfectly made ice cream and my American flag scarf, it’ll be the 4th tomorrow! 

Look at that perfection. 

On another note, I spent quite a bit of time with my head out the window while we were driving through Yellowstone. It was peaceful, seeing the trees and having the wind in my hair. Mountain air is so fresh! Life’s short, enjoy the little moments! You never know if a supervolcano is going to erupt, or a geyer you’re next to is going to explode, or a bear is going to come out of no where and maul you, things happen, deal with it and move on. ENJOY IT. 

And find your sense of adventure! :)

Yellowstone 2014 Day 6 - North Yellowstone

Pretty just drove around North Yellowstone today. 

Started off with Gibbon Falls, pretty neat waterfall. I could totally rafted down it and lived (maybe a little broken from the rocks, but I would totally live).

Lunch at Mammoth Springs, it was a delicious burger that was healthy for you too! ANDDDDDDD HUCKLEBERRY ICECREAM! That stuff is magical. 

You know what else is magical? Cotton flying in the air. It looks kind of like snow! But it’s warm outside! The cotton pieces are gracefully floating in the air! 

Next up, Roosevelt Arch!! I was soooo excited to see this!!! It says “For the benefit and enjoyment of the People”. It’s soooo amazing that see it in person!

After the arch, we drove by a river nearby. So I jumped it. It was cold but it was refreshing!

Next up, a petrified tree that’s caged. No other words need. 

Tower Fall! I would not make that jump though. At least I know my boundries. 

You wanna know about all the animals we saw today, right? Welllll here it is!

Huge buck elk on the side of the road:

(Not so big) Big Horn Sheep on the side of the mountain:

Mule Deer:

Bison (they are NOT buffalo, do not call them buffalo):

Last but not least, BLACK BEAR.

He was seriously just chilling on the side of the road, minding his own business. There was at least 20 cars looking at him. What a cutie. I know, Brian; I should be bear aware. I am fully aware he can eat me. But still cute. Black bears are cool. 

I’ll see you BEARY soon with my next adventure in Yellowstone. 

Yellowstone 2014 Day 5 - Zip lining and White Water Rafting

                                    It’s official. I’m really not afraid of anything.

Started off the day zip lining! Patrick and Joey were our guides this part of the day! We had a small group of 6 people, but it was so fun!

This course of zip lining was 6 lines with various bridges held by steel cable. It looks scary, but once you’re in the air it’s amazing! There’s nothing like going 40 miles per hour 50 feet in the air!

I even did a trust fall down a zip, where I turn my back to the line and just fall. That rush of ‘what’s going to happen’ is scary, but there isn’t anything like it! For some of the lines, it’s possible to pull yourself to the tree (trees/poles hold the cables up so high in the air) and push off with your head away from where you’re gong in order to get speed down the cable. It was trust fall to the extreme. AND IT WAS AWESOME. 

There’s seriously nothing like the view of being 60 feet in the air and looking at Sheep Rock. It’s like flying! Nothing to be afraid of up here!

Patrick is seriously the greatest guide ever (there’s a picture of him on the left hanging upside down on the zip). Once you reach the end of the zip, you must stop somehow. Patrick literally catches us at the end. He also told ‘corny’ jokes and just made the experience great. He even did a fake ‘oh no I didn’t catch you, so you’re gonna have to go backwards on this zip’; he did it so I could get a better view of the river. Then he had to pulled himself towads the middle of the calbe and pull me back to the platform. What a great guy. 

After the 2 hours of amazing zip lining, we had to get lunch before the white-water rafting. There was this little restaurant on Motanna Whitewaters that sold bison burgers. So of course, Brian had me try one. It was pretty good! Tasted sorta like beef but with different texture ish. 

Where do I even begin with White Water Rafting? We were on the lower basin of Gallatin River, which means there was 3 and 4+ class rapids. Maybe because Brian and I have experience with rafting (he has more experience than me) but we felt the rafting part was kinda boring. Sorry, I just don’t think class 3 rapids are crazy. I mean I still got wet and kicked out in the raft but it wasn’t ‘I’M GONNA FALL THIS IS SO GREAT THIS RIVER IS SO STRONG AND AWESOME’. Oh well. 

No one fell out of the raft and we did some gnarly surfing on the waves. But it was weak. I really don’t fear anything. Oops. But to the 2 people behind me who thought that this was the greatest first rafting trip ever, props to you for doing decent job paddling today. 

The view was worth it though. The mountains and the wildlife around the river is amazing. We even saw a BALD EAGLE fly from one side of the river to the other. Nothing more American than that! I totally recommend rafting down the Gallatin if you want to see a gorgeous river in Montana. 

All the pictures turned out well though. I have no idea what’s the plan for tomorrow, probably more exploring Yellowstone and hopefully seeing some bears/wolves/mooses! Until then!

© Ayet Nguyen 2016