May 31th - Zipling in Hilo

Zipling is fun. No matter how long or short the distance is.

Anyways, we’re staying on the Kaliau-Kona west side of the Big Island which is more beachy, we drove to the east side for the Zipline. The Hilo side of the Big Island is full of rainforest due to the rain and currents. 

The drive was just beautiful. 

IMG 3107

Brian and I have been Ziplining before in Montana but my parents and Annie haven’t, so they were excited to do it for the first time.

We went to Skyline Eco Adventures - Akaka Falls Zipline Tour. 

There’s 7 lines each with their own name and reasoning. The first few lines were short but they were over banana, sugar cane, and pineapple farms. 

The guys were greatest!! They were hilarious and made sure we were all comfortable zipping. Annie and I went first pretty much every other line. 

I asked Brian (the guide) what’s the coolest animal on the island, thinking he’d say something like the hogs or a type of fish. But, no. He answered “Ummm.. I don’t know dogs?” SERIOUSLY FUNNIEST THING EVER. Then Corey told us about the Happy Face Spider that lives on the volcanos and looks like a happy face. They are my favoriteeeeeeeee people ever! (not as much as Leao tho)

The last zip was called Wailele and it was over a 1,450 foot waterfall on a 442 ft zip. It was beautiful! The GoPro died before it got a picture of it, so just take my word for it!

#lockedouttwice (the van was difficult to ride in plus they kept accidently losing the keys thanks Orion)

Hawaii country side is wonderful. 

IMG 3124


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May 30th - Snokeling with Dolphins

Okay, when Brian said we were snorkeling with dolphins I had mix feelings. I was excited for dolphins and snorkeling but I didn’t know what to expect out of it. I didn’t want to get too excited in case we didn’t see the dolphins.

It was fantastic. All of it was. 

We started off bright and early at 8am and got on a boat with Captain Sam, Mark, and Leao as our guides.

Basically what would happen is, we sit on the boat with our snokel gear ready to go and wait to see where the dolphins are. When we are close enough without disturbing them, we jump and you know the rest.. snokel with dolphins. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 3.40.49 PM

These are wild spinner dolphins. They jump out of the water and spin, scientists don’t know why but it’s amazing. It’s unbelievable that I got to see wild dolphins swim in their pods right up to my face. Even my guides said we had one of the best drop off they have ever seen. The chase of finding the dolphins and getting dropped off near them is hard to time just right without disturbing the dolphins. They’re great swimmers. Big Island Divers was wonderful and knew that the dolphins need to sleep and moved us to a different location with coral. 


Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 3.40.22 PM

Maybe I do love my 6’7 guide Leao. You don’t know that. 

IMG 3033

We went out to eat at Burger Theory and it was pretty good! Might have been due to hunger but hey a meal is a meal. 

IMG 3047

We spent the afternoon walking around the downtown area. All of it was so pretty. 

IMG 3011 IMG 0035
IMG 0033

“I’m at a payphone trying to call home, just kidding don’t let me leave Hawaii."

IMG 3073IMG 3070
IMG 0041

I GOT KONA COFFEE ICE CREAM. it was beautifully delicious.

IMG 3032


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May 29th - Scuba Diving

Woke up at 6:30 Hawaiian time to go scuba diving in coral! The company we worked with was Big Island Divers.

THEY ARE AMAZING. They are knowledgeable and you don’t have to do a thing other than enjoy yourself. They had all the equipment and took care of all of it. 

IMG 2981

Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures yet. Annie’s GoPro isn’t hooking up to the computer and the film photography won’t get developed til we back to Lincoln.

Captian Andrew, DiveMaster Dillon and Zane are amazing. They could identify fish and were completely comfortable just hanging out with the coral. PS we love Big Island Diver’s Pretzels and Oranges. 

Coral is amazing. The ocean is amazing. 


After the dive, we were exploring around the downtown area.

There’s a little cafe shack near our hotel that sold Poke which is a fish dish that’s common in Hawaii. Annie loved it.

IMG 2997 IMG 2995

All of Hawaii is just wonderful.

IMG 0007
IMG 0017

Yeah, we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut while in Hawaii. It was delicious. It was a great way to end the night.

IMG 3024IMG 3025


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May 28th - Surfing

We started the first day in Hawaii with surfing lessons. 

We found a lizard on our balcony early in the morning. We named him Fred. 

IMG 2887IMG 2884

We first started the day with breakfast from Denny’s. Yes, that Denny’s. 

IMG 2895

I had mixed feelings about surfing for the first time. I was nervous about not doing well but that the same time I was excited because I know it will be lots of fun to do.

"What’s the temperature of the water?” “I don’t know, what’s the temperature of the air? It’s about the same”

IMG 2899

Surfing is somewhat tricky. It was hard for me at first, I couldn’t find a good time to stand up but by the end of it I got the hang of it. It’s pretty awesome to feel the water and feel when you can ride out a wave. 


Annie obviously loved it. She’s probably going to quit school and be a professional surfer. 

Mike and Ben were amazing instructors. It’s amazing how cool Hawaiians are. 

On the way out of the water, WE SAW A SEA TURTLE! He was just hanging near the rocks.

IMG 2903

Hawaii is so beautiful. 

IMG 2909IMG 2919

LOOK IT’S THE DRONE TURTLE. Just kidding it’s just a turtle with a tracker. It was cool to see how that all works.

I love the beach. 

IMG 2937 IMG 2941

It was a fantastic first day of Hawaii!


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Until next time!

May 27th -  Traveling to Hawaii

We’ve been planning this Hawaii trip since January. It was unreal to be actually going. 

Got up 7:30 am to get ready to get on the flight.

IMG 2837 IMG 2847IMG 2841IMG 2842

The first flight was from Omaha to Minnesota. It was a quick flight of 2 hours. It wasn’t bad, I think since it was so eary we were all excited to be going on the trip.  The Minnesota airport had a digital vending machine. So high tech. 

IMG 2844IMG 2846

From Minnesota, we flew to Seattle. It was about 3 hours. There were screens on the seats where we could pick what movie we wanted to watch. I watched Moulin Rouge (I MISS MY FRIENDS) and We Bought A Zoo (LOVE THIS MOVIE). 

You know you’re from the Midwest when you start freaking out about the train on at an airport. It was cool to travel to one area of the airport to another. 

IMG 2865IMG 2880IMG 2863

We made it to Hawaii about 8:45pm Hawaiian time. It was a long flight over the ocean.

IMG 2883IMG 2853

After like an hour wait for a rental car, we made it back to the hotel around 11 Hawaiian time. It was an exhausting day of traveling but we made it all safe!


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