March 12th - Spring Break Kayaking

"Ayet, why would you get a kayak? You live in Nebraska. Where are you going to go with it?”


I knew since Christmas that I was going to get myself a kayak in 2015. 

Well last Friday before I can back home for spring break, I got my kayak.

I named him Kevin. He’s a beauty. 

This spring break has be unbelievably nice in Nebraska. It’s been like 60 degrees and sunny everyday!

Today, we took Kevin out to play!

It was such a gorgeous day with the calmness of the great blue sky, the chirping seagulls, and the rocking waves made for a perfect day for kayaking.

There’s nothing like sitting in the middle of a lake with the sun shining. It’s so calm and relaxing. 

I love being outside and just enjoying the beauty of nature. 

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to be in a kayak in a lake in Nebraska in 70 degree weather. But I shall try, the water is shivering cold but the atmosphere of the lake is warm. There were kids playing and dogs running around with geese and ducks hanging out. I don’t think I could ever express what it’s like sitting in the kayak with the waves crashing against, there’s just a sense of peace. 

Paddling against the wind sucks at times, but once you figure out a good stride then it goes by easily. And hey, playing Beatles music while paddling is so much fun!

I highly recommend everyone to get a kayak. It’s worth it!

March 3nd - Travel Bucket List

Yesterday I posted a picture of Montana because I was missing Yellowstone and just traveling in general. 

It got me thinking to all the places I want to go to in the future. So, here is a list of places I want to travel to in my lifetime:

All photos are from National Geographic.


Most people are surprised when I say that Africa is the place I want to go to the most. The culture and the people are just fascinating to me. I do admit that a big reason why I want to go there is to see the animals and the wildlife. I mean there is savannah, mountains, and dessert, where else can you see all of that?


Northern Lights and Volcanoes. Like holy cow, how can one place be so amazing?

Venice, Italy

Italy itself would be magical with pasta and ice cream. Mix that in the gorgeous canal filled with lively music and people. Perfect.


Uh rainforest? Yes please!

Galapagos Islands 

This place is heaven for scuba divers! Also SO MANY ANIMALS. 

Machu Picchu

I wanna hike it. 


One day I will do a whole California trip starting with Red Woods to Yosemite and ending with Joshua Tree National Park. Obviously taking California’s Pacific Coast Highway.



These are just my top places. 

I’m not including some places like Alaska or Amsterdam, just because this list would be endless! 

I will eventually hit all of these places. I will definitely write blog posts about these trips when I get to them!

Until then, Pura Vida!


© Ayet Nguyen 2016