April 23rd - Vance Joy

I love Vance Joy. So much. Enough drive from Omaha to Lincoln on a school night to see him. 

UNL's spring concert was Vance Joy with Young Rising Sons as the opener. It was AMAZING!

IMG 2263IMG 2260

Young Risings Sons are really good! The sound a bit muffled, but I definitely love their sound. They are alternative rock band. 

The cool and awkward moment when the lead singer pulls out a bottle of Jack Whiskey and starts drinking and singing.

Vance started off the night with 

Georgia is my favorite song everrrrrrrrrr! It was beautiful to watch him sing and play it. 

IMG 2362
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.33.04 AM

It was a wonderful night. 

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