Who is Brian?

(aka the white guy you are always doing cool stuff with?)

I don’t know really know who he is, but he buys me dinner and concert tickets all the time.


He’s my godfather. He is basically my best friend that’s an adult. We do lots of stuff together, like scuba diving and vacationing in Yellowstone. 

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Why is your website called cableusa.net?

Long story short; Brian hated cable, made a website hating cable, no longer uses website, told me I would do whatever I wanted with the website, NOW IT’S MY BLOG! 

What school do you go to and what’s your major?

Creighton Unversity (GO BLUEJAYS!)

Currently on the Pre-Vet track with a Biology Major and a Studio Art Minor.

Why are you so outgoing on your website but shy in real life?

Introvertness at it’s finest. It just takes me a bit to warm up to a person, once I do I’m all over the place. 

How tall are you?

I am exactly 5 ft 6in. 

Favorite movies?


Back to the Future (all three movies)

What are some of your likes and dislikes?

I love the color pink, Captain America, pasta, animals, being outdoors, mountains, my dog, painting, books, movies, and John Mayer. 

I dislike fish (as food), rap music, animal abuse, scary movies, pollution, cheese, and Spider-Man.

What are some of your future plans/goals?

Go to college, graduate, get a dog (probably a goldendoodle), move to the mountains (MONTANA), and buy my dream lake house!

Awh, your dog is so cute! What kind of dog is she?

Her name is Gracie. And she is a Shipoo, which means half Shih Tzu half poodle!

9 pounds of perfection right there!

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